When Thinking About Real Estate, Consider Schools…Even if you don’t have kids.

This from the Brookings Institute, an independent research and policy institute in Washington DC. “Across the 100 largest metropolitan areas, housing costs an average of 2.4 times as much, or nearly $11,000 more per year, near a high-scoring public school than near a low-scoring public school. This housing cost gap reflects that home values are $205,000 higher on average in the neighborhoods of high-scoring versus low-scoring schools.”

For Berkeley Public School System see: www.berkeleyschools.net

For Oakland Public School System see: http://www.ousd.k12.ca.us

For more information you may also research school information at www.GreatSchools.org and the Berkeley Parents Network at http://parents.berkeley.edu (a great resource for all kinds of East Bay information)

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